Transfer License

LACES Online

NLC is now accepting online applications for the transfer of a liquor establishment license through its Liquor Licensing and Compliance Electronic System (LACES).

Applicants can register for LACES using the links provided below. If you are a current licensee applying for a transfer, it is important for you to obtain an access code before registering so that all existing licenses are linked to your account. To obtain your access code, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (709) 724-1159.

If you have already registered for LACES, all that you need is your username and password to sign in. If you have forgotten your password, please use the "forgot password" link to access your account. Please note that access codes are not required for new applicants.

A Liquor license may be transferred with written consent of the current licensee.

A brief description for each class of license, along with the necessary transfer details, can be found below.

Please note that applications and licenses are subject to the License Fee Schedule, which can be found here.

License Types


A corporation, society or association of persons organized or carried on for purposes of a social, fraternal, athletic nature or as a military mess, but not for monetary gain, and includes the premises occupied or used for that purpose.


Hotel: an establishment in regular operation provided with the number of bedrooms, accommodation, facilities and equipment prescribed in these regulations where, in consideration of payment, food and lodging are regularly provided to the public.

Motel: a roadside building containing three or more rental units under one roof with easy access to automobiles whether or not other rental units are operated in conjunction with it.


A corporate body or organization instituted and organized for an educational, medical or similar purpose and includes the designated premises used for any of those purposes.


Part of a licensed hotel, motel, or premises not part of a licensed hotel or motel, provided with special accommodations, facilities or equipment prescribed in the regulations, where in consideration of payment, beer, wine or spirits are served.

Recreational Facility

Includes a facility that is, in the Board’s opinion, equipped, operated and maintained as:

  • an indoor stadium or indoor arena
  • a golf club
  • a ski resort
  • a curling club
  • a multi-purpose recreation center
  • a tennis club
  • an arts and culture centre
  • an outfitters’ facility
  • another facility that is, in the opinion of the Board, a recreational facility

An establishment which is exclusively engaged in the serving of regular meals to the public in consideration of payment.


A Restaurant/Lounge License authorizes the licensee to sell to guests at meals, for consumption on the licensed premises, spirits by the glass and wine and beer by the glass or opened bottle during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. as prescribed in the Schedule. A Restaurant/Lounge License also authorizes the licensee to sell to the public, for consumption on the licensed premises, spirits by the glass and wine and beer by the glass or opened bottle during the hours of 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. as prescribed in the Schedule.

Tour Boat Operation

An operation by a seagoing vessel primarily for the recreation or education of the passengers and not for their conveyance from place to place.

Tourist Home

A building, whether or not it is a private residence, which is provided with the number of bedrooms available for the accommodation of travelers, and the equipment and facilities prescribed in these regulations and where, in consideration of payment, food and lodging is provided to tourists.

Transportation Service

A service provided primarily for the conveyance of passengers by railway, ship or aircraft.