Community Giving

How We Give Back

At NLC, we aim to give back in ways that are more meaningful - championing causes that reflect our corporate values, and supporting partnerships that address existing and emerging needs in the communities we serve.

We are proud to give back through our Community Donations program, and In-store fundraising campaigns, along with our Employee Giving and volunteer initiatives.

Our core charitable focus areas include:

Social Responsibility

Programs and projects that promote responsible consumption of alcohol and cannabis, including educational and awareness campaigns as well as prevention and harm reduction programs.

Food Security

Programs and projects that aim to reduce poverty, including but not limited to food bank support, employment programs, community meal programs, community gardens.

Mental Health and Community Wellness

Programs and projects that support mental health access and research. Programs and projects that promote active living.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Programs and projects that promote opportunity, remove barriers, and create more equitable communities.

Environmental Sustainability

Programs and projects that promote sustainable development, environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, along with environmental education and green space programs.

Find out more about our Community Giving programs below.

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Corporate Fundraising

Community Donations