LCR Opportunities

There are currently 47 licensed cannabis retailers operating in Newfoundland and Labrador. Cannabis NL is seeking to expand the retail store network to provide convenient access to legal cannabis throughout the province. At this time Cannabis NL will be looking to add tier 4 licensed cannabis retailers only. Retailers will continue to be owned and operated under private retailers own brand.

Details of a tier 4 cannabis retail location are as follows:

  • Cannabis retail location that sells cannabis and cannabis accessories from the primary retail counter
  • Convenience oriented
  • Only staff over 19 years of age are eligible to sell product
  • Products kept out of sight with limited incidental viewing
  • Licensees/Employees cannot wear cannabis branded clothing or use other branded swag

The process to become a retailer will involve the following steps:

  • Step 1: Pre-Application
    Applications for the below locations must be received by the deadline indicated. Successful applicants may move on to Step 2: Interview.
  • Step 2: Interview
    Successful applicants in Step 1 will be interviewed by NLC and scored against other applicants for the same cannabis retail location. If successful, the applicant will then move to Step 3: Cannabis Retail Contract.
  • Step 3: Cannabis Retail Contract
    The successful applicant in Step 2 will enter into a Cannabis Retail Contract with NLC and will then move onto Step 4: Licensing Process. An applicant does not become a Licensed Cannabis Retailer until they successful complete Step 4.
  • Step 4: Licensing Process
    Qualified applicants from Step 3 will be guided through the final phase of the application process to become Licensed Cannabis Retailers.

Please see the LCR Handbook for more information

NLC invites applications for tier 4 cannabis retail locations to operate in the following areas:

Norris Point to Woody Point
Millertown to Buchans
Old Perlican to Winterton
New-Wes-Valley to Musgrave Harbour
Fogo Island