Tenders Terms and Conditions - Goods and Services

These Terms and Conditions are intended to cover a wide range of Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation procurements, including goods and services. As such, not all clauses will be applicable in all situations. If Bidders have questions regarding any of these Terms and Conditions, they must call the contact person named on the Invitation form, or get in touch with the Purchasing Office. To satisfy special requirements, supplementary Terms and Conditions may also apply to some acquisitions. If this is the case, the Invitation documents will reference any such documents, in addition to these Terms and Conditions.
Failure to completely comply with these Terms and Conditions could cause the Bidder’s Bid to be disqualified.

The official Terms and Conditions can be Viewed at:

NOTE: In the event NLC’s Head Office is closed at the prescribed time of a Tender Closing and Public Opening, the Public Opening will occur at the start of business on the next regular business day the NLC is open. The Tender Closing time will not be affected.